Discover over 600 years of history...

Mialaret was already written about in the historical records dating back to the 14th Century. In 1597, it the construction of a mansion (manor house) was first mentioned. Only much later, in 1893 Raoul Calary built the current castle, featuring a combination of medieval and romantic styles with even a Gothic Revival elements. Above the kitchen entrance, a tablet with an imprint of a scallop shell recalls of the pilgrimage of Saint Jacques de Compostela;this Renaissance tablet was taken from the nearby castle of Penacorn.

Storytelling trees

Some trees have witness to this rich history: the old lime tree next to the castle (planted during the 16th century) and the 500 year old chestnut tree at the Brasserie.

Inside the castle, there is a 16th century tapestry, depicting Catherine of Aragon, who was married to Henry VIII. Above the fireplace, there is a painting of a hunting scene ofrom the Flemish school. In the halls are a number of extraordinary chandeliers.

In 1930, the Art Deco swimming-pool is designed and built by France’s foremost Art Deco architect Hector Guimard. Who is also known for his Parisian metro stations entrances, the synagogue and the Guimard hotel (both likewise in Paris).

A special barn

The grange at the estate (a barn previously used for livestock) is mentioned in the book of the “100 most beautiful barns of France”, particularly for its special roof construction with mortise and tenon joints. It was built between 1780 and 1820, after which a bakery was added which was subsequently expanded to its present size. At the end of 1800 a farm was built close by. The big blue cottage, named the Congo was built in 1934 by eight Congolese, who were brought to Mialaret by the nephew of Raoul Calary.

'La Symphonie de la Nature Pure'

In 1966, Mialaret became a summer camp for children, and in 1988 was officially designated a holiday village. In 2001 Eege Klop purchased the property and subsequently renovated the estate over the last years to satisfy modern demands. The goal is to retain the authenticity of the buildings, while at the same time preserve the impressive natural surroundings, so as to offer our guests an unforgettable experience.

You will experience "La Symphonie de la Nature Pure" at Domaine de Mialaret.