We are Peter and Christian David, both born and raised in Sluiskil, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Since 2019 we are the proud owners of Domaine Le Mialaret. We got married in 1988 and, in addition to a full-time job, we took over the farm from Peter's parents and expanded it further. Christian also works as a specialist nurse for the GGD.

We have two grown children who have found their way in life and are not going to take over the farm. At one point, Peter came to a turning point in life and wanted to take a different course. We then started looking for a new interpretation.

Peter has family in France whom he visited on his motorcycle in his youth. Because of this his interest in the country has grown. Later as a family we also spent holidays in the different regions. For a number of years we had been philosophizing about doing something there.

At a certain point we found Domaine Le Mialaret and in 2019 we decided to take over the company. The location and the beauty of the surroundings and the castle were decisive in managing the campsite, the cottages and the hotel-restaurant. The beautiful nature, which consists of forests and hills as far as you can see, is unique.

Our goal is to let the guests on the domain enjoy the nature and culture that the area has to offer. We want to optimize the domain while retaining the charm and character it has and we are ready to give everyone a well-deserved holiday.

À bientôt?
Peter and Christian David

Chateau Le Mialaret